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Favorite Morphe Brushes

If there's one thing I love about Morphe it's their cheap affordable brushes. I use all kinds of high end brushes but I always find myself using my Morphe brushes more than the others. Ive put a list together of some of my all time favorite Morphe Brushes.

1. M173 - I recently purchased this brush and fell in love. This brush is PERFECT for blending out eyeshadow primer and under-eye concealer.

2. M22 - This brush is GREAT for packing on eyeshadow to the lid, it's also great for setting the entire eye.

3. M213 - If you love a smokey lower lash line then you'll love this brush. This brush is awesome for smoking out the lower lash line with cream and powder products.

4. M421 - Another brush I recently purchased and fell in love with. Perfect for craving out the brow bone and cut creases.

5. M441 - This brush is a staple in my kit. I've been using this brush for quite some time now. It's great for blending out eyeshadows inside the crease.

6. M124 - I love using this brush on the eyelid, Whenever I want to add a shimmery color to the lid, this is my go to brush.

7. M105 - LOVE using this brush to bronzer the skin and apply blush to my clients.


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