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A Powder to Die For!!!!

I was recently introduced to The Charlotte Tilbury Skin Perfecting Finishing Powder and let me tell you... It puts all my other setting powders to shame. I've been using loose setting powders for quite some time but when I got my hands on this pressed setting powder its all I use now. I use to set my clients skin with a loose setting powder but now I set their face using The Charlotte Tilbury Skin Perfecting Finishing Powder and it's a dream. The way it leaves their skin looking smooth and flawless! It's definitely worth the money! I have classes all the time and I let my students use this powder and they notice a difference right away and are amazed how it leaves the skin looking like living marble! Trust me guys!!! Invest those $45 into this powder! It does not disappoint! The powders come in 3 shades. 1,2, and 3! I use 2 on the majority of my clients... 1 can be used on people who are more on the white completed side, and 3 can be used for the ones with deeper skin tones!


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